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    SubjectRe: [RFC] usbnet: use eth%d name for known ethernet devices
    On Thu, 24 Mar 2011, Arnd Bergmann wrote:

    > The documentation for the USB ethernet devices suggests that
    > only some devices are supposed to use usb0 as the network interface
    > name instead of eth0. The logic used there, and documented in
    > Kconfig for CDC is that eth0 will be used when the mac address
    > is a globally assigned one, but usb0 is used for the locally
    > managed range that is typically used on point-to-point links.
    > Unfortunately, this has caused a lot of pain on the smsc95xx
    > device that is used on the popular pandaboard without an
    > EEPROM to store the MAC address, which causes the driver to
    > call random_ether_address().
    > Obviously, there should be a proper MAC addressed assigned to
    > the device, and discussions are ongoing about how to solve
    > this, but this patch at least makes sure that the default
    > interface naming gets a little saner and matches what the
    > user can expect based on the documentation, including for
    > new devices.
    > The approach taken here is to flag whether a device might be a
    > point-to-point link with the new FLAG_PTP setting in the usbnet
    > driver_info. A driver can set both FLAG_PTP and FLAG_ETHER if

    You updated the flag name in the patch but not in the description.

    > it is not sure (e.g. cdc_ether), or just one of the two.
    > The usbnet framework only looks at the MAC address for device
    > naming if both flags are set, otherwise it trusts the flag.

    Alan Stern

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