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Subject[PATCH 1/5] forkbomb killer config and documentation
Kconfig and Documentation for forkbomb killer.

Signed-off-by: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <>
Documentation/vm/forkbomb.txt | 62 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
mm/Kconfig | 16 ++++++++++
2 files changed, 78 insertions(+)

Index: mm-work2/Documentation/vm/forkbomb.txt
--- /dev/null
+++ mm-work2/Documentation/vm/forkbomb.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
+1. Intruduction
+ Maybe many programmer have an experience to write a fork-bomb program.
+ One example of fork-bomb is a bomb which make system unstable by the
+ memory pressure caused by the number of tasks. This kind of fork-bomb
+ can be limited by ulimit(max user processes). If it happens, the user
+ who has the same owner ID of forkbomb will not be able to do anything
+ but other users(admin) may have a chance to kill them. (Of course,
+ if forkbomb is created by root, we have no chance to recover.)
+ Another example of fork-bomb is a bomb which eats much memory. This
+ kind of forkbomb causes huge swapout and make system slow and finally,
+ OOM. In swapless system, the system will see OOM soon. To prevent this
+ type of bomb, memory cgroup or overcommit_memory will be a help. But
+ troubles happen when we don't expected.....
+ To recover from fork-bomb, we need to kill all tasks which is in the
+ forkbomb tree, in general. But if the system is in OOM state, killing
+ them all tends to be difficult.
+2. Forkbomb Killer.
+ The kernel provides a forkbomb killer. (see mm/Kconfig FORKBOMB_KILLER)
+ If enabled, the forkbomb killer will provides 2 system files.
+ /sys/kernel/mm/oom/mm_tracking_enabled
+ /sys/kernel/mm/oom/mm_tracking_reset_interval_msecs
+ If /sys/kernel/mm/oom/mm_tracking_enabled == enabled, the kernel records
+ all fork/vfork/exec information by an extra structure than usual task
+ management. This information is used for tracking a task tree. Unlike
+ process tree, this doesn't discard parent<->children information even
+ when the parent exits before children and make children as orphan processes.
+ By this, even with following script, task tracking information can be
+ preserved and we have a chance to chase all proceesses in a fork bomb.
+ (example) # forkbomb(){ forkbomb|forkbomb & } ; forkbomb
+ But this information tracking adds a small overhead at fork/vfork/exec/exit.
+ Default is enabled.
+ /sys/kernel/mm/oom/mm_tracking_reset_interval_msecs
+ Because we cannot preserve all information since the system boot, we need
+ to forget information. Forkbomb killer checks the system status in each
+ period. What checked now is
+ 1. the number of process.
+ 2. the number of kswapd runs.
+ 3. the number of alloc stalls. (memory reclaim)
+ If all of 1,2,3 aren't increased for mm_tracking_reset_interval_msecs,
+ all tracking information recorded before previous period will be
+ removed.
+ IOW, by making mm_tracking_reset_interval_msecs larger, you can check
+ forkbomb in a long period but will have more overheads. By making it
+ smaller, tracking records are removed earlier and tasks killed by
+ forkbomb killer will decrease (and you can avoid unnecessary kills.)
+ Default is 30secs.
Index: mm-work2/mm/Kconfig
--- mm-work2.orig/mm/Kconfig
+++ mm-work2/mm/Kconfig
@@ -274,6 +274,22 @@ config HWPOISON_INJECT

+ bool "Killing a tree of tasks when a forkbomb is found"
+ depends on EXPERIMENTAL
+ default n
+ select MM_OWNER
+ help
+ Provide a fork-bomb-killer, which is triggered at OOM.
+ In usual case, OOM-Killer kills a memory eater processes.
+ But it kills tasks in conservative way and cannot be a help
+ if forkbomb is running. The admin may need to reboot system
+ if the influence of the bomb cannot be limited by rlimits or
+ some security settings. FORKBOMB Killer kills a tree of process
+ which have started recently and eats much memory. Please see,
+ Documentation/vm/forkbomb.txt for details. If unsure, say N.
int "Turn on mmap() excess space trimming before booting"
depends on !MMU

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