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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 1/1] PRUSS UIO driver support
    On Wednesday 02 March 2011, Pratheesh Gangadhar wrote:
    > +
    > +static struct clk *pruss_clk;
    > +static struct uio_info *info;
    > +static dma_addr_t sram_paddr, ddr_paddr;
    > +static void *prussio_vaddr, *sram_vaddr, *ddr_vaddr;
    > +

    To my initial comment about these being single-instance
    variables, you said you'd change that, which has not happened

    Also, I now noticed that the types are wrong, you are
    missing __iomem annotations for MMIO ranges. Please make
    sure that the code builds fine with sparse and "make C=1",
    which will tell you about these problems.


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