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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched: next buddy hint on sleep and preempt path
On Tue, 2011-03-01 at 15:33 -0800, Venkatesh Pallipadi wrote:
> When a task in a taskgroup sleeps, pick_next_task starts all the way back at
> the root and picks the task/taskgroup with the min vruntime across all
> runnable tasks. But, when there are many frequently sleeping tasks
> across different taskgroups, it makes better sense to stay with same taskgroup
> for its slice period (or until all tasks in the taskgroup sleeps) instead of
> switching cross taskgroup on each sleep after a short runtime.
> This helps specifically where taskgroups corresponds to a process with
> multiple threads. The change reduces the number of CR3 switches in this case.

I wasn't expecting this approach to this problem, and was dreading a
pick_next_task() rewrite, but aside from all the mentioned problems it
does look quite nice :-)

It doesn't avoid iterating the whole hierarchy every schedule, but like
you say, it should avoid the expensive cr3 switches.

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