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SubjectRe: perf: kernel memory leak when inherit enabled
On Mon, 2011-03-14 at 18:27 -0400, Vince Weaver wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2011, Vince Weaver wrote:
> >
> > While trying to use perf events with inherit enabled to profile some
> > multi-threaded BLAS routines (using PAPI) I ended up out-of-memorying my
> > machine. It turns out you can quickly leak gigabytes of kernel memory
> > that isn't freed when the process exits.
> I've bisected this. There's a whole day I'll never see again. binutils
> 2.21 and gcc-4.5 for the lose :(
> Anyway this memory leak with inherit was introduced in
> 4fd38e4595e

Thanks, managed to get some time yesterday and got as far as to see that
our perf_event_context refcounting is indeed screwy, but didn't get
around to actually catching the culprit.

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