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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] tty: serial: Use hub6_serial_X when CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_HUB6 is defined
> or some variation of this. It's fine as long as this code never gets
> called, but incorrect nonetheless.

I disagree - the WARN(1) is certainly correct.

> I think it would be much cleaner if architectures that cannot do this
> would not have to define those functions and we could make sure that
> all drivers that do inb() have correct Kconfig dependencies.

For 8250 the way to do that is to remove all the switches and port type
stuff and propogate to setting ->serial_in and ->serial_out rather than
splattering the code with ifdefs. At that point you'd have a "lib8250" or
similar and an 8250_io/pci driver.


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