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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] tty: serial: Fix build on architecture that does not have ioport
    On Friday 11 March 2011, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > Some CPU's do not have ioport. Therefore, these do not have inX/outX.
    > The results of doing that are usually horrible and add a lot of
    > configuration and ifdefs.

    I guess a different implementation of this patch could convert the
    driver to use ioport_map and ioread/iowrite to get rid of the
    #ifdef. This might even make the driver simpler because it
    does not have to special-case mmio vs. pio accesses.

    Note that the 8250 driver is the basically the only driver that
    uses inb/outb that can be built without setting CONFIG_ISA
    or CONFIG_PCI.

    > You will then get a backtrace if the methods are called rather than
    > having to hack all the drivers. In addition if your platform ever has a
    > PCI bridge attached to it you will now be able to replace those methods
    > and provide PCI I/O space access, as you will need for many PCI devices.

    That does not seem easier than writing new I/O space functions and
    removing CONFIG_NO_IOPORT.


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