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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH V3 2/3] cpuidle: list based cpuidle driver registration and selection
On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 16:22 +0530, Trinabh Gupta wrote:
> A cpuidle_driver is global in nature as it provides routines
> for all the CPUS. Each CPU registered with the cpuidle subsystem is
> represented as a cpuidle_device. A cpuidle_device structure
> points to the low level idle routines for that CPU provided by
> a certain driver. In other words, a cpuidle driver creates a
> cpuidle_device structure for each CPU that it registers with the
> cpuidle subsystem. Whenever cpuidle idle loop is called, the cpuidle
> subsystem picks the cpuidle_device structure for that cpu and
> calls one of the low level idle routines through that structure.

Why all this per-cpu nonsense? I thought we all agreed that ACPI tables
specifying non-uniform C states were considered buggy and we should
simply use the intersection of all cpus.

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