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    Subject[PATCH v2 00/18] eeepc-wmi updates
    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks to a generous donator, I was able to buy an Eeepc 1000H. It really
    easier to make patch when you have the hardware :).

    These patches add some features to eeepc-wmi that where already available in
    eeepc-laptop (wimax, camera, cardr, wlan hotplug) and some new features
    (backlight power).

    You may want to take a look at "eeepc-wmi: add hotplug code for Eeepc 1000H"
    and "eeepc-wmi: serialize access to wmi method" since you wrote the original
    patch for eeepc-laptop.

    It's probably way to late for 2.6.38, so let's queue them for 2.6.39. Anyway
    if disitribution want to backport some patches, it should be easy to do with
    any kernel >= 2.6.34.


    Since v1:
    * Fixed "eeepc-wmi: support backlight power (bl_power) attribute"
    * Added 4 new patchs

    Corentin Chary (18):
    eeepc-wmi: reorder keymap
    eeepc-wmi: add wlan key found on 1015P
    eeepc-wmi: add hotplug code for Eeepc 1000H
    eeepc-wmi: serialize access to wmi method
    eeepc-wmi: return proper error code in eeepc_rfkill_set()
    eeepc-wmi: add an helper using simple return codes
    eeepc-wmi: add hibernate/resume callbacks
    eeepc-wmi: switch to platform_create_bundle()
    eeepc-wmi: reorder defines
    eeepc-wmi: use the presence bit correctly
    eeepc-wmi: add camera and card reader support
    eeepc-wmi: add wimax support
    eeepc-wmi: set the right key code for 0xe9
    eeepc-wmi: support backlight power (bl_power) attribute
    eeepc-wmi: respect wireless_hotplug setting
    eeepc-wmi: real touchpad led device id is 0x001000012
    eeepc-wmi: add touchpad sysfs file
    eeepc-wmi: reorder device ids

    Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-platform-eeepc-wmi | 21 +
    drivers/platform/x86/eeepc-wmi.c | 771 ++++++++++++++++----
    2 files changed, 663 insertions(+), 129 deletions(-)


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