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SubjectRe: Performance/resume issues on Toshiba NB305
On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 12:17:29PM -0800, Burt Triplett wrote:
> >The new release detects the Atom processor okay, but in bits-327 the
> >system resets during the SMI frequency/latency test, whereas it didn't
> >with bits-316.
> The SMI Frequency and Latency test should be fixed in bits-329.

Yes, it's fixed now, thanks.

> To get more information on how the MSRs differ between CPUs, you can
> turn on verbose mode. Go to the GRUB command line by hitting 'c',
> and enter "test_options -v 2". Then hit Esc to go back to the menu,
> and re-run the MSR consistency check. It will now show you the
> value of the MSR on each CPU.
> MSR 0x1a0 is IA32_MISC_ENABLE, and generally any inconsistency in
> that MSR represents a BIOS bug: it didn't enable features
> identically on all CPUs. Once you see which bits differ, you can
> look at the Intel Software Developer's Manual (specifically volume
> 3B) to find out what those bits mean and which specific features the
> BIOS inconsistently enabled.

(MSR 0x1a0 consistent) FAIL (2 different values)
1 CPUs 0x0000000364950089: 0x0
1 CPUs 0x0000000364950081: 0x1

Bit 3: Automatic Thermal Control Circuit Enable

I'm not sure of the impact of this, since there's really only one core
in the CPU. One of the others differs has bit 3 inconsistent as well. On
the third bit 3 is the same but bit 0 (fast-strings enable) is

The three machines have further differences in this MSR, but all in bits
documented as being reserved.

> MSR 0x199 is IA32_PERF_CTL. A difference in that MSR usually means
> the BIOS left CPUs in different P-states when booting, which it
> really shouldn't do. Again, you can decode the result with the
> Intel SDM.

(MSR 0x199 consistent): FAIL (2 different values)
1 CPUs 0x0000000000000a1f: 0x0
1 CPUs 0x0000000000000613: 0x1

So yes, the cores are in different P-states. The results from the other
machines are similar, but the values for CPU1 are slightly different for
each machine. CPU1 has the same value on all three machines.

> Looking into MSR 0x39.

Yeah, this one isn't in the SDM at all. Here are the values I got:

(MSR 0x39 consistent): FAIL (2 different values)
1 CPUs 0x0000000000000000: 0x0
1 CPUs 0x0000000000000001: 0x1

Values are identical for all three machines.

I'm not really getting the idea that any of these is contributing to the
problems I'm seeing with this machine though.


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