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    SubjectRe: merge of m68knommu and m68k arch branches?
    On Fri, 18 Feb 2011, Greg Ungerer wrote:
    > Inside of the new arch/m68k is a little messy in the kernel and mm
    > directories. There is plenty of scope for cleanup and merge on the
    > files in here - but I want to leave that for follow up patches after
    > this initial directory merge. As a data point, when we merged the
    > m68k and m68knommu include files we had something like 70 or 80
    > duplicate but separate files, after some cleanups that is now down to
    > 10. Ongoing cleanup will merge some of these remaining ones as well.
    > Thoughts?

    Hmm, how are you going to deal with the fact, that m68knommu uses
    genirq, m68k not? I guess there are some more points like this
    (clockevents, clocksource ...)

    Is there a plan to move m68k to the generic facilities as well ?



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