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SubjectRe: ARM unaligned MMIO access with attribute((packed))
David Miller <> writes:

> From: Russell King - ARM Linux <>
> Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 16:37:02 +0000
>> 1. there's no way to tell GCC that the inline assembly is a load
>> instruction and therefore it needs to schedule the following
>> instructions appropriately.
> Just add a dummy '"m" (pointer)' asm input argument to the inline asm
> statement. Just make sure "typeof(pointer)" has a size matching the
> size of the load your are performing.

That should be "m"(*pointer).

>> 2. GCC will needlessly reload pointers from structures and other such
>> behaviour because it can't be told clearly what the inline assembly
>> is doing, so the inline asm needs to have a "memory" clobber.
> This behavior is correct, and in fact needed. Writing to chip registers
> can trigger changes to arbitrary main memory locations.
>> 3. It seems to misses out using the pre-index addressing, prefering to
>> create add/sub instructions prior to each inline assembly load/store.
> Yes, this is indeed a problem.

GCC has trouble doing anything more complicated than simple indexing.
Load/store instructions with writeback seem not to be in its
vocabulary at all.

> But you really need that memory clobber there whether you like it or
> not, see above.

I don't know of any device where the side-effects are not explicitly
indicated by other means in the code triggering them, so it probably
is safe without the clobber as Russel says.

Måns Rullgård

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