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    SubjectRe: [SOUND] SBx00 sound card using snd_hda_codec_analog auto mutes
    Thanks for your reply!

    Takashi Iwai <> writes:

    > At Thu, 10 Feb 2011 20:49:51 +0800,
    > Wang Lei wrote:
    >> On my laptop, the sound card auto mutes some seconds after i enable it.
    >> And play a audio file can't make sound. This is not a powersave feature,
    >> because i haven't enable it. I guess it's a driver problem. It occurs
    >> since 2.6.36.X. Please help.
    > Then a possible cause would be the badly working interrupts.
    > Or, I remember vaguely some reports mentioning conflicts with radeon
    > driver.
    > Anyway, try to reproduce without the graphic interface first.

    I have reproduced it without the graphic interface.

    > Also, try to pass enable_msi=0 or 1. AMD controllers tend to unstable
    > regarding MSI.

    And pass enable_msi=0 or 1 to snd_hda_intel, or even add boot parameter
    pci=nomsi (i actually don't know whether this is reasonable), the
    problem occurs.

    I have forgot to mention this, when passing apci=off to the boot kernel,
    there is no this problem.

    > HTH,
    > Takashi

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