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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ipc: provide generic compat versions of IPC syscalls
    On Friday 09 December 2011, Chris Metcalf wrote:
    > Several of the existing compat IPC syscalls are really just i386
    > compatibility, not generic compatibility. semctl() expects a
    > pointer to the fourth argument, instead of the fourth argument itself.
    > msgsnd(), msgrcv() and shmat() expect arguments in different order.
    > This change adds an __ARCH_WANT_GENERIC_COMPAT_IPC define that
    > can be set in <asm/compat.h> to indicate that the IPC compat code
    > should provide exactly the same APIs to "compat" users as the
    > regular IPC code does to regular users. In addition, it sets up
    > to always request the IPC_64 mode, since that's what the <asm-generic>
    > APIs always use.
    > The workaround code in "tile" for msgsnd() and msgrcv() is removed
    > with this change; it fixes the bug that shmat() and semctl() were
    > not also being properly converted to expect generic compat IPC.
    > Signed-off-by: Chris Metcalf <>

    I like the patch, but I think the __ARCH_WANT_GENERIC_COMPAT_IPC
    should be defined as the opposite, so all "old" architectures
    have to set it while tile (and future architectures like arm64
    and unicore64) just get the default.

    > Finding the shmat/semctl bugs in tilegx finally motivated me to go and
    > do the thing he suggested 18 months ago. :-) Whether someone wants to
    > go a step further and actually move the i386-ish versions into arch/x86
    > I will leave to the x86 platform maintainers; I also don't know whether,
    > perhaps, some other platforms are actually using the i386 convention.

    I don't see them as x86 specific. We have powerpc, mips, s390, sparc and
    x86 using the legacy method, while only parisc and tile get it right
    and use the syscalls directly.


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