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    SubjectRe: How to draw values for /proc/stat
    On Mon, 5 Dec 2011 07:32:33 -0200
    Glauber Costa <> wrote:

    > Hi,
    > Specially Peter and Paul, but all the others:
    > As you can see in, and in my answer
    > to that, there is a question - one I've asked before but without that
    > much of an audience - of whether /proc files read from process living on
    > cgroups should display global or per-cgroup resources.
    > In the past, I was arguing for a knob to control that, but I recently
    > started to believe that a knob here will only overcomplicate matters:
    > if you live in a cgroup, you should display only the resources you can
    > possibly use. Global is for whoever is in the main cgroup.

    Hm. I have a suggestion and a concern.

    (A suggestion)
    How about having a mount option for procfs ?
    For example,
    mount -t proc .... -o cgroup_virtualized
    Then, /proc/stat etc shows per-cgroup information.

    (A concern)
    /proc/stat will be a mixture of virtualized values and not-virtualized values.
    1. Don't users need to know whether each value is virtualized or not ?
    2. Can we have a way to show "this value is virtualized!" annotation ?

    > Now, it comes two questions:
    > 1) Do you agree with that, for files like /proc/stat ? I think the most
    > important part is to be consistent inside the system, regardless of what
    > is done
    I think some kind of care for users are required as I wrote above.

    > 2) Will cpuacct stay? I think if it does, that becomes almost mandatory
    > (at least the bind mount idea is pretty much over here), because drawing
    > value for /proc/stat becomes quite complex.
    > The cpuacct cgroup can provide user, sys, etc values. But we also have:

    If virtualized /proc/stat works, I don't think 'account only' cgroup is
    necessary. It can be obsolete.


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