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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] mfd: add bq2415x charger driver
    On Tuesday 06 December 2011 00:35:41 Felipe Contreras wrote:
    > From: Aliaksei Katovich <>
    > Hi,
    > The Nokia N900 has a bunch of stuff regarding the battery: bq27x00 to find
    > out the status, and isp1704 to detect what kind of charger is connected to
    > the USB port. However, that doesn't charge the battery.
    > That's the job of bq24150. Up until now, this has been done by the closed
    > and proprietary BME application from user-space, which sends i2c commands
    > directly.
    > Several people have tried to decipher what it's actually doing, and there
    > are some simple user-space scripts that manage to achieve charging:
    > Aliaksei Katovich already sent a patch series, but they seem to be doing
    > something completely different (wrong?).
    > This simple driver does the work for me. It's doing basically the same as
    > the user-space scripts, but a bit more aligned to the spec sheet[1], and a
    > bit more understadable. It's a proof of concept, as it doesn't really
    > change the voltage or amperage depending on the type of charger as it
    > should, but it at least it achieves charging.
    > I have never writen a driver, so don't hold on the comments :)
    > Some inspiration from the code of Aliaksei Katovich.
    > Cheers.
    > [1]


    I started writing other implementaion of bq2415x charger driver, which should
    support also setting usb host mode. Code is still unfinished, but now is
    devided into 2 parts: one power_supply driver and one driver which cover all
    bq registers. See:

    Felipe Contreras, I think that my implementation is better - it will export
    all bq registers (which is needed for hostmode boost) and will also register
    regulator interface.

    Pali Rohár[unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]
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