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SubjectRe: [RFC] vtunerc: virtual DVB device - is it ok to NACK driver because of worrying about possible misusage?

> Some input from the sideline reading this discussion. As a FreeBSD'er I would
> very much like to see two things happen:
> - vtunerc goes into userspace like a client/server daemon pair using CUSE and
> can support _any_ /dev/dvb/adapter, also those created by CUSE itself. That
> means I could potentially use vtunerc in FreeBSD with drivers like cx88:

Vtuner already has userland client/server pair. The server application
is connecting to _any_ /dev/dvb/adapter device. Please look at small
picture here:

That means the server part is using totally "clean" linux. Nothing more.

> - DVB-X solution in Linux gets mmap support to avoid endless copying of data
> between kernel and userspace.

Adding nmap support should be straightforward. I have it on my TODO.


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