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    SubjectRe: Intercepting system calls
    Hello Wojciech, Thanks for your reply.

    On 12/28/11, Wojciech Zygmunt Porczyk <> wrote:
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    > On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 10:33:45PM +0530, Gaurav Saxena wrote:
    >> I am trying to write an application which would create a backup for
    >> the system so that it could be restored as it is. For example I create
    >> a backup using my application. I just do nothing at time of backup so
    >> it would be fast. Now whenever I see any deletion I would save that
    >> file so that I could restore it.
    > You almost certainly wan't to research LVM(-like) snapshots. They are
    > operating in block layer, so you can restore fs "as it was", with COW
    > feature they do "nothing" at creation and just save overwritten data
    > somewhere else.
    Yes I understand what I want to implement is done in LVM snapshots.
    But I want to implement this functionality using a different approach.
    As LVM are filesystem dependent and cannot work without repartitioning
    of the system. Also they make system slow after many snapshots are
    > See: lvcreate(8), xfs_freeze(8). Maybe btrfs(8) ("btrfs subvolume
    > snapshot") but btrfs is not really production-ready, so get lvm2+xfs.
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    > regards
    > WZJP
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    Thanks and Regards ,

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