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SubjectRe: [bluetooth] linux-3.x regression (bisected)
On 28-12-11 02:28, Gustavo Padovan wrote:

>> For some reason your adapter is returning here the same value of
>> Read Local Features. I would say your device is broken. The only
>> fix I have in mind now is throw away the device.
> Yes, I have one of these ISSC devices, it's completely broken
> device.

It worked well upto and including 2.6.29 though.

This would seem to be the kind of thing other subsystems use quirk
handling for. The device identifies itself as "1131:1004":

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1131:1004 Integrated System Solution Corp.
Bluetooth Device

Do you guys have infra-structure in place for adapter-specific (quitk)


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