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    SubjectRe: chroot(2) and bind mounts as non-root
    On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 17:22 -0800, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:

    > I don't read any issues with this in your original post. What I read
    > there is that you want to run a build in a chroot environment. Are you
    > also implying that the user gets to build this chroot filesystem from
    > nothing - without any privileges -

    Yes. The filesystem is owned by the user.

    > If the former, then yes I think you are going to have a very hard
    > time.

    Well, it already works with the setuid program I attached earlier.
    So...what are we trying to accomplish in this discussion?

    If you think there's a way to allow users to chroot *without* cutting
    off setuid binaries, I am definitely interested in that. However I'm
    very, very skeptical.

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