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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] kbuild: add Makefile snippet to list compiled files
    On Wed, Dec 07, 2011 at 07:25:37AM +0100, Christian Dietrich wrote:
    > To list the compilation units compiled by the current configuration the
    > scripts/Makefile.list can be executed. It supports:
    > - printing of all compilation units
    > - all directories considered for compilation units
    > - test if a given file is compiled by the configuration
    > - use a different auto.conf
    > Signed-off-by: Christian Dietrich <>
    > ---
    > Hi,
    > the following patch is a result of our research work at VAMOS[1],
    > where we try to examine the perconditions under which a file is
    > compiled into the linux kernel.
    > While working on this, we needed a way to get all compilation units,
    > which are compiled with the current configuration. And since this
    > might be useful for others, I think it would be great to have this
    > possibility in the mainline kernel.

    I agree it would be useful, I have just a couple of comments.

    - The user interface should either be a target of the main makefile or
    a script. The make -f call seems a bit clumsy to me.
    - You should perhaps start with less features. E.g. overriding the
    location of auto.conf is hardly needed, also the compiled= option adds
    some code, while the goal could be achieved by simply grepping the full
    - The deficiency of the approach is that it misses directories that are
    only visited by an explicit make call in another makefile. An example
    is the arch/x86/boot directory on x86. This should be at least
    - The output can contain duplicates, if a object file is listed twice in
    a Makefile (e.g. arch/x86/kernel/apic/ipi.o with x86_64 defconfig)
    - lib-y is not considered.
    - In general, it would be good to do a comparison between the output of
    your Makefile and find -name '*.o' after a build and either fix or
    document the differences.

    > +# Read auto.conf if it exists, otherwise ignore
    > +ifeq ($(auto_conf),)
    > +-include include/config/auto.conf
    > +else
    > +include $(auto_conf)
    > +endif

    auto.conf missing should be considered fatal.

    > +# The filename Kbuild has precedence over Makefile
    > +kbuild-dir := $(if $(filter /%,$(src)),$(src),$(srctree)/$(src))
    > +include $(if $(wildcard $(kbuild-dir)/Kbuild), $(kbuild-dir)/Kbuild, $(kbuild-dir)/Makefile)
    > +
    > +# Figure out what we need to build from the various variables
    > +# ==========================================================================
    > +
    > +__subdir-y := $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-y)))
    > +subdir-y += $(__subdir-y)
    > +__subdir-m := $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-m)))
    > +subdir-m += $(__subdir-m)
    > +__subdir-n := $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-n)))
    > +subdir-n += $(__subdir-n)
    > +__subdir- := $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-)))
    > +subdir- += $(__subdir-)
    > +
    > +# Subdirectories we need to descend into
    > +subdir-ym := $(sort $(subdir-y) $(subdir-m))
    > +subdir-ymn := $(sort $(subdir-ym) $(subdir-n) $(subdir-))

    You are assiging variables that are immediatelly reassigned by
    Makefile.lib (if there is a special reason that I'm missing, please
    explain in a comment).


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