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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5 V5] Avoid soft lockup message when KVM is stopped by host
On 12/08/2011 01:34 PM, Amit Shah wrote:
> On (Mon) 05 Dec 2011 [15:18:59], Eric B Munson wrote:
> > When a guest kernel is stopped by the host hypervisor it can look like a soft
> > lockup to the guest kernel. This false warning can mask later soft lockup
> > warnings which may be real. This patch series adds a method for a host
> > hypervisor to communicate to a guest kernel that it is being stopped. The
> > final patch in the series has the watchdog check this flag when it goes to
> > issue a soft lockup warning and skip the warning if the guest knows it was
> > stopped.
> Guest S4 would need similar treatment, and I think the code in the two
> approaches can be shared. Just something to consider.

Why does S4 need any treatment? The guest is aware that it's sleeping,
unlike the other cases treated here.

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