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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] irq domain for gen irq chip and pl061 DT irq support
    On 12/14/2011 09:28 AM, Rob Herring wrote:
    > From: Rob Herring <>
    > This series adds irq_domain support to generic irq chip, converts the
    > pl061 gpio driver to use generic irq chip, and finally adds DT irq binding
    > support for pl061. The pl061 driver is also fixed to use 0 for no irq
    > instead of -1 or NO_IRQ.
    > The irq_domain support should be transparent to users of generic irq
    > chip. Shawn Guo has tested previous version with i.MX AVIC and his fixes
    > have been incorporated. Any testing by other users of generic irq chip
    > is appreciated.
    > This series is also dependent on:
    > irqdomain: export irq_domain_simple_ops for !CONFIG_OF
    > gpio: pl061: drop extra check for NULL platform_data
    > Tested on highbank and built all defconfigs.
    > Rob

    Forgot to mention this series is also available here:

    git:// pl061-domain


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