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SubjectRe: REGRESSION: v3.2-rcX: iwlagn refuses to associate with my AP's
On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 03:17:52PM -0500, Ted Ts'o wrote:
> Well, this patch seems to fix things for the non-authenticated case.
> I can now associate with the GoogleGuest SSID without any problems.
> I'm still having problems associating with the EAP-TLS encrypted
> network, but that looks like it's a different bug. (And that may
> explain why I had so much trouble bisecting this; there are two issues
> that have very similar symptoms.)

... and the second problem I had with associating with EAP-TLS
encrypted SSID's was solved by Wey-Yi's patch:

iwlwifi: allow to switch to HT40 if not associated yet

... found in the thread "iwlagn regression in v3.1.5"

So with these two patches applied, things are now stable for me.

One thing: out of curiosity, I assume there is a pretty good testing
infrastructure at Intel --- how was it that this didn't caught
earlier? Is it because different access points do things a little
different? Would it be useful if I can find out the model of access
point that we're using, so you could hopefully augment your library of
test hardware? I'm asking out of purely selfish reasons, of course,
since this took me the better part of a day to bisect each of these

- Ted

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