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    SubjectRe: DRM nouveau crash with 3.2.0-rc5
    On Sun, 2011-12-11 at 19:19 -0700, Berck E. Nash wrote:
    > On 12/11/2011 12:56 AM, Ben Skeggs wrote:
    > > If you can manage to reproduce it, hopefully in some reliable way, it'll
    > > be a huge help.
    > Well, I can confirm it's a real regression. It's happened again, and
    > I've never seen anything like it before. Unfortunately, I can't offer
    > any reasonable steps to reproduce it for testing. It's only happened
    > when watching video with mplayer, but it seems to happen at a rate of
    > about once per hour while watching video. Enough to be seriously
    > annoying, but not enough to be seriously useful when testing.
    > Definitely enough to keep me from upgrading.
    > I'm open to whatever else might be helpful if you have any ideas. Log
    > of the last occurrence attached.
    Are you able to bisect this back to a commit? I've attempted on a few
    different cards to cause this and I'm not seeing it.

    It might take a while to bisect given that it's hard for you to
    reproduce, but, it'd be *very* helpful.


    > Berck Nash

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