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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/17] UAPI: Make linux/patchkey.h easier to parse
    David Howells <> wrote:

    > > Is this part missing, or no longer needed?
    > It seems to have got lost somewhere. Thanks for catching it.

    Actually, it doesn't seem to be necessary. The header splitter managed to cope
    without it and did the right thing. I think what happened was that the
    splitter didn't recognise the _LINUX_PATCHKEY_H_INDIRECT thing as a reinclusion
    guard, so it just tossed that into the UAPI header, then recognised the
    _LINUX_PATCHKEY_H thing as the reinclusion guard and proceeded from there.

    Would you prefer that I remove that from the comments or would you prefer that
    I leave things unchanged?


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