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SubjectRe: DRM nouveau crash with 3.2.0-rc5
On Sat, 2011-12-10 at 21:00 -0700, Berck E. Nash wrote:
> On 12/10/2011 08:54 PM, Ben Skeggs wrote:
> > Is this reproducible in any way, or a once off occurance?
> >
> > It's hard to know if it's a regression or some random bug that's existed
> > forever.
> It only happened once, but nothing like it has ever happened with 3.1,
> and after it happened, I've reverted back to using 3.1. And it
> shouldn't happen. I suppose I can see if I can make it happen again...
Of course it shouldn't happen :) But, minus me being able to reproduce
this somehow (my own machine is stable still) the only way there's any
hope of fixing it is tracking it down to what broken it.

If you can manage to reproduce it, hopefully in some reliable way, it'll
be a huge help.


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