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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: Add wrapper script around QEMU to test kernels

> "Usable" - I've tried kvm-tool several times and still (today) fail to
> get a standard SUSE image (with a kernel I have to compile and provide
> separately...) up and running *). Likely a user mistake, but none that
> is very obvious. At least to me.

Same here.

No support for booting from CDROM.
No support for booting from Network.
Thus no way to install a new guest image.

Booting an existing qcow2 guest image failed, the guest started throwing
I/O errors. And even to try that I had to manually extract the kernel
and initrd images from the guest. Maybe you should check with the Xen
guys, they have a funky 'pygrub' which sort-of automates the
copy-kernel-from-guest-image process.

Booting the host kernel failed too. Standard distro kernel. The virtio
bits are modular, not statically compiled into the kernel. kvm tool
can't handle that.

You have to build your own kernel and make sure you flip the correct
config bits, then you can boot it to a shell prompt. Trying anything
else just doesn't work today ...


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