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    Subject[PATCH 0/7] PM / Domains: Per-device callbacks and PM QoS

    The following patchset makes it possible to define device-specific PM domain
    callbacks, allowing device drivers to be designed to support generic PM domains
    and work without them as well, and introduces governor functions deciding
    whether or not it is beneficial to put devices into low-power states. The new
    code is designed to be backwards compatible, as far as necessary.

    [1/7] - Make it possible to defing per-device start/stop routines.
    [2/7] - Make it possible to defing per-device .active_wakeup() callbacks.
    [3/7] - Introduce "save/restore state" device callbacks.
    [4/7] - Introduce per-device PM domain callbacks for system suspend.
    [5/7] - Add device "stop governor".
    [6/7] - Add domain "power off governor".
    [7/7] - Automatically update overoptimistic latency information.

    Please refer to the changelogs for more information.

    The patches haven't been fully tested yet, so most likely there still are some
    rough edges here and there.


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