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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] event: fix TP_printk() argument in sched_switch

    > NACK!
    > This is a perf userspace bug, not a kernel one. Please fix the userspace
    > tool instead.
    > Note, the new version of libparsevent handles this case without issue.
    > Perf just needs to be updated.
    I don't understand. I've got
    and it reports the same error. Where am I wrong?

    # ./trace-cmd report 2> log

    <idle>-0 [001] 1516333.292126: sched_switch: [FAILED TO
    PARSE] prev_comm=kworker/0:0 prev_pid=0 prev_prio=120 prev_state=0x0
    next_comm=trace-cmd next_pid=2900 next_prio=120

    # cat log
    trace-cmd: No such file or directory
    Error: expected type 5 but read 4
    Error: expected type 4 but read 0
    failed to read event print fmt for sched_switch
    trace-cmd: Received SIGINT

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