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Subject[PATCH 0/5] NFS: create blocklayout pipe per network namesapce context
This patch set was created in context of clone of git
branch: git://
tag: v3.1

This patch set depends on previous patch sets titled:
1) "SUNRPC: initial part of making pipefs work in net ns"
2) "SUNPRC: cleanup PipeFS for network-namespace-aware users"
3) "SUNRPC: make RPC clients use network-namespace-aware PipeFS routines"
4) "NFS: create clients and IDMAP pipes per network namespace"

This patch set is the final part of making SUNRPC PipeFS and it's users work in
network namespace context.

The following series consists of:


Stanislav Kinsbursky (5):
NFS: handle blocklayout pipe PipeFS dentry by network namespace aware routines
NFS: blocklayout pipe creation per network namespace context introduced
NFS: blocklayout PipeFS notifier introduced
NFS: remove RPC PipeFS mount point reference from blocklayout routines
SUNRPC: kernel PipeFS mount point creation routines removed

fs/nfs/blocklayout/blocklayout.c | 154 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
fs/nfs/blocklayout/blocklayout.h | 3 -
fs/nfs/blocklayout/blocklayoutdev.c | 5 +
fs/nfs/blocklayout/blocklayoutdm.c | 7 +-
fs/nfs/inode.c | 1
fs/nfs/netns.h | 1
include/linux/sunrpc/rpc_pipe_fs.h | 2
net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c | 21 -----
8 files changed, 137 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)

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