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Subject[PATCH 0] A series patches for kvm&qemu to enable vcpu destruction in kvm
A series of patches from kvm, qemu to guest. These patches will finally enable vcpu destruction in kvm instance and let vcpu thread exit in qemu.

Currently, the vcpu online feature enables the dynamical creation of vcpu and vcpu thread, while the offline feature can not destruct the vcpu and let vcpu thread exit, it just halt in kvm. Because currently, the vcpu will only be destructed when kvm instance is destroyed. We can
change vcpu as an refer of kvm instance, and then vcpu's destruction MUST and CAN come before kvm's destruction.

These patches use guest driver to notify the CPU_DEAD event to qemu, and later qemu asks kvm to release the dead vcpu and finally exit the
The usage is:
qemu$cpu_set n online
qemu$cpu_set n zap ------------ This will destroy the vcpu-n in kvm and let vcpu thread exit
qemu$cpu_set n offline --------- This will just block vcpu-n in kvm

Any comment and suggestion are welcome.

Patches include:
|-- guest
| `-- 0001-virtio-add-a-pci-driver-to-notify-host-the-CPU_DEAD-.patch
|-- kvm
| |-- 0001-kvm-make-vcpu-life-cycle-separated-from-kvm-instance.patch
| `-- 0002-kvm-exit-to-userspace-with-reason-KVM_EXIT_VCPU_DEAD.patch
`-- qemu
|-- 0001-Add-cpu_phyid_to_cpu-to-map-cpu-phyid-to-CPUState.patch
|-- 0002-Add-cpu_free-to-support-arch-related-CPUState-releas.patch
|-- 0003-Introduce-a-pci-device-cpustate-to-get-CPU_DEAD-even.patch
|-- 0004-Release-vcpu-and-finally-exit-vcpu-thread-safely.patch
`-- 0005-tmp-patches-for-linux-header-files.patch

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