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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] watchdog: add a new driver for VIA chipsets
    Wim Van Sebroeck <> wrote:

    > Hi Marc,
    > Coming back to now: if the driver incorporates the timer (like all other
    > devices that can be started but not stopped once started do), then the start
    > and stop functions are not empty.
    > The timer (with the example that I prepared as part of the generic code) is
    > not so difficult and will be a good solution for the time being. (Unless
    > Dmitry Artamonow's comment about the fact that the watchdog could perhaps
    > be started and stopped is correct... This should be investigated first imho).
    The watchdog can not be started and stopped from the driver. This is
    what I investigated first and found impossible (and explains why this
    driver is still missing).

    I do not fully understand yet what has to be done with the timer.


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