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SubjectRe: WARNING: at mm/slub.c:3357, kernel BUG at mm/slub.c:3413

> > I just want to see whether your network + heavy IO load problem goes
> > away with that one patch.
> Sorry, I should have been clearer in that mail: the high "load" value
> isn't a problem - the intermittent panics are. What I meant to say was:
> the panics usually occur when lots of disk & cpu IO is in progress (rsync
> to an external but local disk over firewire). While doing this the load is
> usally at 3-5, but that's "normal" and expected for a machine of that age.

No, I understand your problem. What I meant above is to see whether you
reproduce the crash caused by network + heavy IO :-)

> But then the machine crashes with recent kernels. After setting the
> cpu_partial files to 0 I tried to reproduce the same I/O pattern, *plus* a
> bit more, to really stress the machine, so load went up to 6-7 and the
> machine did not crash. So the load of 6-7 was expected and I'm glad that
> the machine did not crash with that workaround. I don't know of the
> implications of setting cpu_partial to 0 though.

Right. Now we want to check if that patch from Christoph fixes cpu

> As soon as the build with Christoph's one-liner is done I'll test w/o
> setting cpu_partial to 0 and see what it gives.

Thanks !


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