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    Subject[PATCH] fs:partitions:efi.c: bugfix a issue in find_valid_gpt
    I meet a 3T disk, which partitioned by Windows 7,
    and linux report unknow partition table. But it can been
    detected the partition table when I add gpt to boot

    This issue caused by the find_valid_gpt function will fail
    out when check the legacy mbr failed if there is no gpt boot

    if boot without gpt, we should fail back to check the guid
    partition table when check the legacy mbr failed instead of
    fail out.

    Signed-off-by: Wang YanQing <>
    fs/partitions/efi.c | 2 --
    1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

    diff --git a/fs/partitions/efi.c b/fs/partitions/efi.c
    index 6296b40..302631e 100644
    --- a/fs/partitions/efi.c
    +++ b/fs/partitions/efi.c
    @@ -543,8 +543,6 @@ static int find_valid_gpt(struct parsed_partitions *state, gpt_header **gpt,
    good_pmbr = is_pmbr_valid(legacymbr);
    - if (!good_pmbr)
    - goto fail;

    good_pgpt = is_gpt_valid(state, GPT_PRIMARY_PARTITION_TABLE_LBA,

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