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Subject[PATCH v2 0/6] KVM: optimize memslots searching
This is the more work base on my v1 patchset which is posted some months ago,
it can be found at:

Change log:
- sort memslots base on its size and do the line search instead of binary
search base on gfn, it is from Avi's idea.
- in order to reduce cache footprint, memslots are sorted in the array of
kvm->memslots->memslots[] and introduce a table to map slot id to index in
the array

There is the performance result:

autotest for RHEL.6.1 setup/boot/reboot/shutdown(average):
ept=1: before: 449.5 after: 447.8
ept=0: before: 532.7 after: 529.8

ept=1: before: 127.94 after: 126.98
ept=0: before: 196.85 after: 189.66

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