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SubjectRe: [PATCH] oom: fix integer overflow of points in oom_badness
On 10/31, Frantisek Hrbata wrote:
> My understanding is that we may just change the type of points variable from int
> to long and keep the current imho clearer(better readable) computation. There
> should not be an overflow on 32bit and there is a plenty of space for 64bit.
> If you like this solution better I will post the patch as v2.

Up to maintainer, but personally I think the simple s/int/long/ looks better.
Everything like get_mm_*/nr_ptes returns long.

Anyway good catch. Imho stable needs the fix too.

Cosmetic nit,

> - points = get_mm_rss(p->mm) + p->mm->nr_ptes;
> - points += get_mm_counter(p->mm, MM_SWAPENTS);
> + points = (int)((get_mm_rss(p->mm) + get_mm_counter(p->mm, MM_SWAPENTS) +

Why do we need the explicit typecast? It buys nothing and looks a bit confusing.

And, if you prefer "int", perhaps something like

- points *= 1000;
- points /= totalpages;
+ /* avoid the possible overflow */
+ points = points * 1000L / totalpages;

looks a bit more readable with the same effect. But I won't insist, this is
up to you and David.


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