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SubjectRe: [PATCH] config: Add 'make kvmconfig'
On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 09:03, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> * Sam Ravnborg <> wrote:
>> The kvmconfig is an x86 specific thing - so it does not belong
>> in the scripts/kconfig/Makefile
>> The *config namespace is general config targets.
>> Suggestion:
>> Move the implmentation to arch/x86/Makefile and name the target
>> something that does not match the *config pattern.
>> Suggestion:
>>    make kvmbootable
>> To tell that this convert the current config to a kvmbootable config.
>> And then add the target to the x86 specific help too.
> KVM itself is not x86 specific (although this patch obviously is), so
> we'd like to keep at least the naming non-x86.
> Furthermore, the functionality generally fits into the pattern that
> 'oldconfig' does: it changes an existing config - so having 'config'
> in the name somewhere makes quite a bit of sense. If i didn't know
> what 'kvmbootable' does i couldnt guess that it touches the .config -
> while the *config pattern makes that patently obvious.
> Could we set aside some sort of name for such subsystem specific
> purposes and be done with it? Could we reuse the 'defconfig'
> naming perhaps and make it richer:
>        make defconfig kvm
> or:
>        make defconfig-kvm
> ? It would be very obvious at a glance what it does.

This fits in the generic "I have a .config and I want to enable an additional
option" functionality:


Don't we already have that support? I seem to remember it flying by.
Or was it just a proposal that never got implemented?



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