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SubjectRe: regression tracking

On środa, 26 października 2011 o 19:23:11 Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> The regression tracking that you folks used to do before the demise of
> was incredibly valuable.
> I'm very concerned about the fact that we don't have a systematic way
> to do this any more. Some things do get reported on LKML, of course,
> but without the legwork you guys did, I'm afraid we're just dropping
> things on the floor because there's no summary of what the issues are,
> how many people are seeing them, who's responsible, etc.
> Consider this as (1) kudos for performing an essential community
> service, and (2) a plea for the resurrection or replacement of
> or some other mechanism for reviving regression
> tracking.

Because bugzilla is still down, I yesterday started send regressions (found in
LKML) report directly to Rafael, to create summary report (etc.) of them.
Until bugzilla comes back, we plan to collect regression in this way, but any
proposal for a better solution is welcome.

Maciej Rutecki
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