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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/X] uprobes: reimplement xol_add_vma() via install_special_mapping()
    On 10/17, Stephen Smalley wrote:
    > > Since selinux wasnt happy to have an anonymous vma attached, we would
    > > create a pseudo file using shmem_file_setup. However after comments from
    > > Peter and Stephan's suggestions we started using override_creds. Peter and
    > > Oleg suggest that we use install_special_mapping.
    > >
    > > Are you okay with using install_special_mapping instead of
    > > override_creds()?
    > That's fine with me.


    > But I'm still not clear on how you are controlling
    > the use of this facility from userspace, which is my primary concern.

    Yes, but just in case... Any security check in xol_add_vma() is pointless.
    The task is already "owned" by uprobes when xol_add_vma() is called.


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