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SubjectRe: currently missing kernel devel trees
Hi Stephen,

> With the mrege window approaching (sometime) I thought I would see how
> many of the 200 odd trees that are included in linux-next are actually
> currently inaccessible. The list below (of 63 trees) is a couple of days
> out of date. These are the trees that were hosted on that
> have not popped up anywhere else (or, at least I have not been informed
> is they have) nor been resurrected on
> Some of these may be no longer useful (please tell me). Some may have no
> commits for v3.2. But I bet that at leaset some do.
> watchdog

Untill I have the time to do something new could you use the following tree and branch:

git:// linux-next

I started filling it with 5 patches allready, but still need to add some others in the next day.

Kind regards,

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