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    SubjectRe: sony-laptop driver: Volume keys on Sony Vaio TX3 don't work
    On 10/16/2011 01:11 PM, John Hughes wrote:
    > Even though sony-laptop has code to handle the volume-up/volume-down
    > keys they don't work. Pressing volume-down gets treated as
    > SONYPI_EVENT_PKEY_P1 and volume-up as SONYPI_EVENT_PKEY_P2.

    And of course this bug has already been fixed. Was looking at an old
    version, 2.6.32, sorry.

    > Re-ordering the entries in the table type3_events and fixing the bug
    > in sonypi_volumeev (up and down were inverted) makes the volume keys
    > work.

    But the current head version still has the bug where volume up/volume
    down are switched.

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