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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8]: Improve performance of LZO/plain hibernation
------- Original message -------
> From: Pekka Enberg

> What debugging options do you have enabled?

Not sure to be honest. Just copied Fedora kernel config file and built with
that. Will check.

> Bojan, this is with Intel drivers, right?

Correct. But note that I had similar trouble on a box that has radeon
graphics. Essentially, if I pass nomodeset to the kernel, I can hibernate
thaw 100+ times with no issues (after all these cycles, the box is healthy,
runs programs with no trouble etc.).

> I'm CC'ing Keith which might
> be able to give some clues how to debug KMS related hibernate/thaw
> issues.

I am already on intel-gfx list where I asked the same questions, got some
suggestions and eventually opened a bug to track the issue. My last message
to that list was that I think the problem may be in common KMS code, given
I get similar touble with intel and radeon graphics, 32 and 64 bit machines
and with or without my patch.


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