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    SubjectRe: [patch 8/8] fs: add i_op->sync_inode
    On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 12:46:42PM +1100, Nick Piggin wrote:
    > --- linux-2.6.orig/Documentation/filesystems/porting 2010-12-18 00:32:44.000000000 +1100
    > +++ linux-2.6/Documentation/filesystems/porting 2010-12-18 03:51:40.000000000 +1100
    > +--
    > +[mandatory]
    > + Inode writeback and syncing has undergone an overhaul.
    > +write_inode_now doesn't sync (unless ->write_inode *always* syncs)
    > +

    Could you perhaps give a bit more detail in the documentation about
    what sync_inode() is supposed to do? I gather that it is supposed to
    (based on the flags), do the specified combination of (a) do writeback
    for the pages corresponding to the specified range (if INODE_SYNC_DATA
    is given), (b) write out the inode if necessary depending on
    INODE_SYNC_DATA_METADATA (for fdatasync) and INODE_SYNC_DATA (for

    When sync_inode() returns, what is guaranteed is that the appropriate
    buffer_heads are dirtied (for both the metadata and the data if the
    file system is still using the buffer cache for data I/O) and/or the
    data has been pushed to the block I/O system, but the sync_inode()
    method does not wait force the dirtied buffers out to disk, and it
    does not wait for any initiated I/O to complete (either at the block
    I/O layer or guaranteeing that the data has hit the platters by
    issuing a barrier request).

    Do I have that right? If so, could we please add that to the
    documentation, just so it's clear? Thanks!!

    - Ted

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