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SubjectRe: still nfs problems [Was: Linux 2.6.37-rc8]
Uwe Kleine-König wrote:

> The "fileid changed" messages popped up after mounting an export with
> 'nolock,intr,rsize=4096,soft', and then trying to use bash completion
> and 'ls' in a few subdirectories - and entries were missing from the
> directory lists without 'ls' reporting any errors (which I think is bad
> behaviour in itself.)
There was a bug in at least -rc5[1] that was considered already fixed in
-rc4[2]. The later announcements didn't mention it anymore.

> I don't know why it's stopped producing the errors, although once it
> went I never investigated it any further (was far too busy trying to
> get AMBA DMA support working.)
It seems it was fixed for most users though. Trond?

Trond sent a fix to the nfs list on 27 Nov for "fileid changed" but I don't
know if this is the same bug you're seeing. The patch was to
nfs_same_file() and I can send it if you want. As far as I know the patch
made it upstream.
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