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    SubjectRe: [cpuops cmpxchg double V2 1/4] Gen eric support for this cpu cmpxchg double
    Don't apply "packed" to a structure which needs padding!  That's just user error.

    "Mathieu Desnoyers" <> wrote:

    >* Tejun Heo ( wrote:
    >> > (note: packed here along with "aligned" does _not_ generate ugly
    >> > bytewise read/write memory ops like "packed" alone. The use of
    >> > "packed" is to let the compiler down-align the structure to the
    >> > value requested, instead of uselessly aligning it on 32-byte if it
    >> > chooses to.)
    >> Yeah, good point. :-)
    >For the records, I just noticed that "packed, aligned(8)" can generate
    >accesses on sparc64 by removing the padding between a "int" and a
    >pointer. So we should not use it.
    >Mathieu Desnoyers
    >Operating System Efficiency R&D Consultant
    >EfficiOS Inc.

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