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    Subjectxfs used disk space bug in 2.6.38-rc1 (commit 6e857567dbbfe14dd6cc3f7414671b047b1ff5c7)
    my home directory is using xfs and i noticed that when i try to compile
    a program or do any kind of disk access (like git pull, etc) the amount
    of space used jumps by tens of gigabytes causing the disk to seemingly
    become full (eventually). on reboot the used disk space goes back to the
    correct value. i did a 'git bisect start -- fs/xfs' and i tracked it
    down to commit 6e857567dbbfe14dd6cc3f7414671b047b1ff5c7. if i revert
    this patch then disk usage doesn't increase unexpectedly (i have 270GB
    free and the disk became full by simply trying to compile wine). i can
    try patches if somebody comes up with one.


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