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SubjectRe: 2.6.37 regression: adding main interface to a bridge breaks vlan interface RX
On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 14:09 +0000, Simon Arlott wrote:
> [ 1.666706] forcedeth 0000:00:08.0: ifname eth0, PHY OUI 0x5043 @ 16, addr 00:e0:81:4d:2b:ec
> [ 1.666767] forcedeth 0000:00:08.0: highdma csum vlan pwrctl mgmt gbit lnktim msi desc-v3
> I have eth0 and eth0.3840 which works until I add eth0 to a bridge.
> While eth0 is in a bridge (the bridge device is up), eth0.3840 is unable
> to receive packets. Using tcpdump on eth0 shows the packets being
> received with a VLAN tag but they don't appear on eth0.3840. They appear
> with the VLAN tag on the bridge interface.

This means the behaviour is now consistent, whether or not hardware VLAN
tag stripping is enabled. (I previously pointed out the inconsistent
behaviour in <>.) I
would consider this an improvement.


Ben Hutchings, Senior Software Engineer, Solarflare Communications
Not speaking for my employer; that's the marketing department's job.
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