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SubjectRe: vfs-scale, nd->inode after __do_follow_link()
> [ CCing patchwork ML ]
> Can you send your patch separately, please?
> Within a (long) thread it is eaten up.
> As *.patch are somehow not presented as diff (see [1]), someone can't
> catch them from <patchwork.k.o>.

On a side note, due to some conversations with the ocfs2 devs yesterday,
I've actually got the vfs-scale code sitting compiled up waiting for
another kernel panic to happen on the dynamic web boxes, since 2.6.37+
was, literally, unusable with ocfs2 running.

> Furthermore, it would be very cool to see linux-fsdevel (patches from
> its ML) in <patchwork.d.o>.
> I don't know whom to contact from the linux-fsdevel ML, sorry for this.

As to getting a mailing list added into I just need
a request from someone who is responsible for the mailing list, and who
will actually use the resulting entry in patchwork to e-mail with the mailing list, where I can deal with the
sign-up and the name / username of the individual (in patchwork) to add
as being in charge.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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