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SubjectRe: [RFC] New console keyboard mode OFF

> The current console keyboard situation can be improved by introducing
> an "OFF" mode. All available modes for the console keyboard (RAW,
> MEDIUMRAW, XLATE, and UNICODE) buffer key events in the current vt's
> tty input. As recent Xorg releases no longer read input from the vt
> there are two problems:
> 1) The tty input buffer eventually overflows because nothing is
> reading it, triggering an infinite flush_to_ldisc() kworker loop.
> 2) If the vt's mode isn't changed to RAW or MEDIUMRAW, key events
> remain translated by the kernel, causing shenanigans like pressing
> Ctrl+C in Xterm would send SIGTERM to the X server.

Seems very sane. Of course it all depends what a patch looks like...
(cesky, pictures)

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